Pint & Plow Brewing Company was founded with a passion to develop community by connecting people, place, and history through beer and food crafted from real ingredients. As the first and only craft brewery in Kerrville, P&P has created a new industry and gathering place of which the people in the Kerrville community can be proud to call their own.

Jeremy and Maia from Pint & Plow came to Alara looking for a brand that resounded with the local community as well as the history of Kerrville.

The goal for this brand was to create a unique, hand-drawn look that was simple and striking. Something that didn't come across as modern or trendy, but rather had a timeless nature to it.

To achieve these goals, we used a custom typeface for the main letters, and a commerical typeface for the details. Coupled with hand drawn borders and a bold ampersand, we feel this logo best communicates the feel of Pint & Plow.

A full branding guide was created to set colors, typography, and logo usage with lockups.

Drop by Pint & Plow at 332 Clay St. in Kerrville or visit them .

Photos courtesy Pint & Plow.

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