701 Bierhaus, or, officially "Seven0One", was to be a new 'bierhaus' and restaurant for Kerrville's downtown shoppers, locals, and of course, beer enthusiasts. A good place to be, day or night, for family, friends, and co-workers alike! Unfortunately, they ultimately decided not to continue through with their plans for building the restaurant, but we did have a blast planning out their promising brand while it lasted (and it left us with some pretty great work, too!)

We were originally approached with a request for a logo, but after much discussion with the business owner, we were all able to see the potential there was in the full scope of their project, from a logo to an identity to menus and even window decals.

From the very beginning we knew we were going to be dealing with the stigma that surrounds beer joints in a small town. This wasn't just another place for nomadic bikers to hang out, 701 was for everyone; the beer enthusiast, the bitter co-worker, the socialite shopper, your nephew Timmy, and of course, Texas natives. We created an identity that was a blend of what makes Texas great, what makes beer great, and what makes 701 the place to experience great food, great people, and great times.

Much of the Hill Country in Texas is influenced by German culture, architecture, and cuisine. 701 wanted to capture that essence, but also wanted to achieve a look that felt indigenous to Texas' own history and lifestyle. The German stein was our first resource for determining the elements that made it what it was — intricate details, plenty of decorative ornaments, and, of course, Old English typography. The problem we aimed to solve was how we could use some of these very common elements without looking like another generic beer-joint logo. We wanted something hip and lively, yet cultural; Something that would set the tone for 701's atmosphere in a style that is both clean and versatile. We chose the ribbon as a cultural representation due to its consistent appearance on German steins of old, a barley-like element to represent the brewery goodness of 701, and lastly, a star, to represent the great state of Texas.

There were several logo variations created for this project, ranging from a more decorative approach to a more typographic one. After receiving content changes and input from the business owner, the final logo carries the full name of the restaurant, "Seven0One", and their tag "bier - eats - musik." We wanted to retain some of our elements from prior concepts, so the barley and star were carried into the final design, while still accomodating the changes from the client.

701 was to be built inside of an antique downtown building here in Kerrville, TX. The building was rich with history itself, so we wanted to recreate an atmosphere that was equally as compelling. Warm tones, to match the wooden interior, created an atmosphere that was cozy, warm, and buzz-friendly. While elegant and bold, the color scheme, when paired with more organic textures created a sense of balanced refinement, to match that of the brews being served.

It's hip, it's cultural, it's decadent and inviting. While 701 didn't make it through the end of its construction, it was going to be a great place to socialize with your family, your friends, or even your co-workers; A good place to be, day or night. And although 701 will no longer be coming around, we are pleased and proud that we were able to capture the essence of their character through our designs.

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